[FF] Sun And Autumn – Chapter I


Tittle : Sun And Autumn

Author : _kuri

Genre : Romance

Rating : T

Length : Multichapter

Pairing : Park Taeyang – Song Gaeul, Lee Jinki – Song Gaeul

Summary : Can’t we change our own fate?

Disclaimer : This storyline was pure mine. The characters were inspired by BumSso or SoulMate couple (Kim Sang Bum and Kim So Eun). Park Taeyang is Kim Bum, Song Gaeul is Kim So Eun, and Lee Jinki is SHINee Onew.

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[FF] The Last Song – Prologue


Tittle : The Last Song

Author : _kuri

Genre : Drama, Angst

Rating : T

Length : Mini Series

Pairing : Jonghyun-Jessica, Minho-Crystal

Other Casts : Goo Hara, Park Jiyeon, Jung Jin Woon, etc.

Summary : Your last existence. Your last grant. Your last song.

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters. This story inspired by an American romantic film, The Last Song, which being remade by my imagination. So, the plot is sure mine.

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